Hubbies Have Feelings, Too

01 March 2014 Categories: Blog, The Mom-e Club, The Mommy Chronicles

On Facebook a couple weeks back, asked the question, “Which is harder?  Marriage or parenting?”

The list of responses generally sided with “parenting” taking the cake, except for one which quickly had me reconsider my answer.

It was, “How about marriage while parenting?”

I was so relieved that another mom voiced her opinion as it is exactly how I feel most days.

As I’ve eluded to in past posts, my kiddos are my everything…oh whoops, scratch that.

Shouldn’t that say, “My husband and my kiddos are everything to me?”

Whoever said marriage was a walk in the park was LYINGAnd if you take your marriage for granted, you quickly learn it takes two to make a thing go right.  Cue the song.  Yep, I went there…

couple argument

Just when I think I have the work, life, balance thing down to a science spending quality time with my kiddos AND pleasing customers as an entrepreneur, the hubby throws me for a loop and stresses to make “family” a priority, which of course in  translation means, “make ME a priority.”  He then stresses that married life, eh, ain’t so good when you hardly get to see each other and that all he wants is his wife back.  He wants the honeymoon stage before the kiddos and chaos ensued.  And I’m so burnt out most days, I can hardly remember what I ate for dinner last night let alone our honeymoon.  We had a honeymoon?!?   What was I even like back then before all the grey hairs started popping up?  Probably a pretty fun girl.

Okay, I’ll admit, date nights have sort of slipped.  Heck, even sleeping in the same room has.  Okay, I know what you’re thinking.  We’re not Ricky Ricardo and Lucille Ball’n it.  I’m just an insomniac by trade up late working crazy hours, then asleep when he’s getting up at 5am.

I’m also not a huge football fan, except for AZ Cardinals games, so watching football all day long on Sundays, well, it makes me crazy.  So many things to do, so little time.  Sure you can relate, just like I wouldn’t expect Sean to partake in one of my favorite activities…Zumba.

Throughout the last few months, and after the same argument has been circling round and round literally, I’ve learned something from Sean that I’m certain is pretty common among men I’ve come up with my own, uh, top 7 list.  It has taken me almost 10 years to figure this out in my personal rendition of “Dummies for Wives –  How to be the best wife and mom-e you can be.”  So here goes.


1. Not having to say anything.  Sitting next to, being present, and enjoying each others’  company on the couch is enough for him.

2. Surprising him at work to take him to lunch when he least expects it shows he’s at the top of the list.

3. Texting or calling him randomly throughout the day to tell him I’m thinking of and love him.  Even ending the call with, “I love you,” may be just what he needs to hear which I’m really bad at saying.

4. Actually scheduling date nights on a visible calendar in our home, not just saying we will. Particularly the kind of date night where talking is required.

5. Sleeping in the same bed, even if it means I start off there then end up on the couch by morning because my brain never shuts off!

6. Realizing that we got into this marriage because we truly loved one another and wanted to be a family.

And lastly,

7. Knowing that clients and work will always be there tomorrow and that some days, it’s okay to say “no” especially if the last three nights I’ve been gone working and got home when everyone was asleep.

I’m not a marriage counselor by any means, and I’m still learning how to strengthen my own marriage, but for me, these gestures and special touches can go a long way as I hope they will for anyone reading this.

If you have more tips as to what works for you, please share. I’d love to hear them and incorporate them into my life and new “book.”









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Sharpening Pencils Is NOT Even an Option

20 November 2013 Categories: The Mom-e Club, The Mommy Chronicles

Last night, my husband Sean and I got into a wee bit of an argument on how I spend my time these days juggling business and the household that I thought I’d share…or vent more like it to the mom-es out there like me.

Although being an entrepreneur can stretch me in so many directions, I haven’t forgotten why I became one – to never miss a moment with my children for their adolescence will be gone before I know it.

At Caleb’s school, the ASU Prep Academy, it’s a requirement (30 hours), and a darn good one, that parents get involved with their child’s school in some way by volunteering in the class, planning school events, or sharpening pencils and cutting construction paper at home.

Guess which ones I chose?

Yep, the first two because I want to see my child in action at schoolI want to meet his friends he talks about every day and I love that his face lights up when I’m there at his class working on an activity with the students.

The last time I volunteered, it was, I’ll admit, a little crazed (think Kindergarten Cop), to do an activity with 25 kiddos, but to hear Caleb ask me how many nights it will be until I come back made made my heart melt.

I have the flexibility to be there for him, whereas some moms and dads can’t due to work schedules.  Why on earth would I choose to sharpen pencils if I can physically be there?!?

So no, Sean, even though it’s my choice on how I get involved with the school, and yes, it cuts into time I could be spending working on my business, I WON’T settle for sharpening pencils while I catch up on my Netflix shows.  You can to whittle down our 30-hour debt, but I choose Caleb.

Just think.  What will my days be like when both Ellie AND Caleb are in school? :)  She turns 2 this weekend.  Only 3 more years to go til kindergarten is back again!

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Congrats to our 2012 Mom Entrepreneur of the Year, Dr. Susan Wilder!

23 May 2012 Categories: Details Event Management, The Mom-e Club, The Mommy Chronicles, When the Universe Throws a Curve Ball Book Excerpts

I’m so pleased and honored to announce that the winner of this year’s Mom Entrepreneur of the Year award is Dr. Susan Wilder, founder of LifeScape Premier, mother of three beautiful daughters, wife of Robert Wilder, and perhaps one of the kindest doctors you’ll ever meet.  If you’ve had a chance to watch her video and The Mom-e Club’s finalists for 2012, you’ll notice that each of them have such a unique story to tell – of overcoming challenges to find their true passion, of never giving up on themselves when giving up sounds like such a good option, of finding their pursuit of happiness in a world when negativity surrounds us all, and being an advocate for women-owned businesses and vowing to support them in their endeavors.

All of our finalists – April Goff, Bridges Conner, Dana Wright, Jami Lindberg, Kim Saks, Kimmie Noe, Mary Metzger, Maria Wojtczak, Shauna Murphy and our 20102 Mom Entrepreneur of the Year Dr. Wilder, are all winners in my book and the women you look up to and strive to be.

Congratulations, ladies!   I’m so very proud of you for sharing your story!

2012 Mom Entrepreneur of the Year finalists, winner Dr. Susan Wilder, Tisha Marie Pelletier, founder

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