Congrats to our 2012 Mom Entrepreneur of the Year, Dr. Susan Wilder!

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I’m so pleased and honored to announce that the winner of this year’s Mom Entrepreneur of the Year award is Dr. Susan Wilder, founder of LifeScape Premier, mother of three beautiful daughters, wife of Robert Wilder, and perhaps one of the kindest doctors you’ll ever meet.  If you’ve had a chance to watch her video and The Mom-e Club’s finalists for 2012, you’ll notice that each of them have such a unique story to tell – of overcoming challenges to find their true passion, of never giving up on themselves when giving up sounds like such a good option, of finding their pursuit of happiness in a world when negativity surrounds us all, and being an advocate for women-owned businesses and vowing to support them in their endeavors.

All of our finalists – April Goff, Bridges Conner, Dana Wright, Jami Lindberg, Kim Saks, Kimmie Noe, Mary Metzger, Maria Wojtczak, Shauna Murphy and our 20102 Mom Entrepreneur of the Year Dr. Wilder, are all winners in my book and the women you look up to and strive to be.

Congratulations, ladies!   I’m so very proud of you for sharing your story!

2012 Mom Entrepreneur of the Year finalists, winner Dr. Susan Wilder, Tisha Marie Pelletier, founder

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My most favorite time of the year is here! Find out what it is!

09 February 2012 Categories: Blog, Details Event Management, The Mommy Chronicles, When the Universe Throws a Curve Ball Book Excerpts

Can you guess it?

Nope, it’s not Valentine’s Day.  Not St. Patty’s Day.  Okay, I’ll give you a little hint.  It’s not a holiday, but it really ought to be for how hard all mom entrepreneurs work.  We NEED a day off without any interruption.

I guess you can tell I’m a true entrepreneur at heart when my most favorite time of year involves one of my businesses, The Mom-e Club, a few months of planning my signature event (now in year 3, woohoo!) and revolves around recognizing so many deserving mom entrepreneurs for their talents and achievements.

Yep, you guessed right.

It’s The Mom-e Club’s Annual Mom Entrepreneur Celebration!

Every year when February settles in, I get uber excited knowing that in exactly three months (May 10, 2012 right before Mother’s Day weekend), I get to stand up on stage with 10 fabulous women, crown (tiara, sash, roses and all) and award our next Mom Entrepreneur of the Year.

Our 2010 top 10 finalists and I (I'm the short one in the middle.)

I just love watching the videos of real women who share their stories with the world; who aim to inspire others to take that leap of faith; who stand up after experiencing failure and tell the world, “Hey, I’m not done until I say I’m done!”  (Gees, just writing that makes me feel a surge of motivation inside.)

If you are a mom entrepreneur, then I encourage  you, “PLEASE, DON’T HOLD BACK!”

This is your year to shine.

Let us help you spread your message that you are, without a doubt, a mom entrepreneur that DESERVES to be recognized by her own family, friends, and even complete strangers for all the wonderful things you do!

So, how do you spread that message?

Easy.  By investing three minutes in yourself and submitting a video entry before our March 26 deadline.  That’s it!  No catches, no gimmicks, just three minutes of your time.

Not sure what to say?  Just speak from the heart.  Tell us why you love being a mom entrepreneur and wouldn’t trade it for anything else.  Tell us how you got where you are and where you plan on going.  Introduce us to your kids, the hubby, your dog, your goldfish.  Whatever you like.  It’s about being the real you.

Shannon Rozas, our 2011 Mom Entrepreneur of the Year

Still not certain you can do it?  Watch our 2011 Mom Entrepreneur of the Year finalists and our lovely winner, Shannon Rozas, share their stories of hope, fear, failure, triumph, and success!

Still not convinced this award has your name on it?  Well, then I’m guessing this blog post didn’t do justice, and you’ll now have exactly one year and three months to put together your video entry for 2013. No pressure though.  We’ll accept entries next year, in 2014, in 2015, you get the idea. :)

To enter our 2012 Mom Entrepreneur of the Year contest, which I certainly hope you do as it’s open to all mom entrepreneurs nationwide, check out the contest details here.

Best of luck to you!

We announce our winner the evening of May 10, 2012 at the Ultra Luxe Lounge in Scottsdale, Arizona and invite you to join us for this truly unique, over-the-top, inspiring, can’t touch this, happy tears, joyful, event!  (And for the record, that’s what the husbands in the audience have to say!)

See you then!

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Rule of Life #8 (pg 39)- Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

10 November 2010 Categories: Blog, Details Event Management, When the Universe Throws a Curve Ball Book Excerpts

Rule of Life #8 (pg 39) says:

“Don’t try to bite off more than you can chew.  When you take on too much, you suffer, and your work suffers because you’re spread too thin.  Instead, ask for help and look for other like-minded (I’ll also add enthusiastic) individuals to share the workload.  Pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses and find others that can fill in the gap.  Your health, your sanity and your client will thank you for it.”

How many of us do this?

We think we have superhuman powers to take it ALL on without any help.

A fellow mom entrepreneur was planning a big event in October.  I asked her how things were going and she said, “It’s going,” which led me to believe that things could have been going much better if she just had a helping hand.  And so, I offered mine.  She seemed surprised that I had stepped forward.

Being an event planner myself, I know that creating an event, especially its first year, can be a logistical nightmare.  Last year while planning the Mom Entrepreneur of the Year event, I literally would sleep an hour on our sofa next to my laptop, get up and work, go back to bed for another hour and get up again to check proofs my designer Erin was sending me.  My health was affected, I was running on caffeine, and I was irritable to my husband for six months.  But why?

Because I thought I was superwoman.

I bit off way more than I could chew.  I was juggling more balls than I needed to.  Here I had some wonderful volunteers willing to take things, even little things off my plate, but I just couldn’t let it go.  True, the event was successful, but it would have run more smoothly had I delegated tasks I didn’t really need to do.

Fast forward to now.

I’m planning the event again this year (set for May 7), and already have a group of seven very capable women to hand tasks off to while I take care of what I need to do for it – connecting with potential sponsors and marketing the heck out of it.  This is my strength.  Figuring out what hors d’ oeuvres to serve at the cocktail hour?  Not so much my priority.

As you think of projects you’re working on, figure out what tasks you’re passionate and good at, and what you can afford to pass off.

Your weakness will always be someone else’s strength.

To read more rule of life lessons, view blog posts and download chapter 1, please visit When the Universe Throws a Curve Ball – How a mom entrepreneur went from disappointment to living her passion.

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BIG FAVOR – because businesses require money…and lots of it

29 July 2010 Categories: Blog, Details Event Management

I’ve been thoroughly researching different grant opportunities to fund all of these passions of mine (i.e., the Mom-e Club, the Mom Entrepreneur Celebration in May, the book, the businesses and so on) and stumbled upon the Intuit Love Your Local Business Grant.  It’s not one of those vote for me every day until the contest ends to boost my chances.  It’s primarily based on the reviews written by real people of why this particular business needs the funding.
I hope you’ll take a quick minute to write a review on why Details deserves this grant not because you feel like you have to, but because you’d like to.

Your assistance is very much appreciated and if there’s anything I can ever to for you, I hope you’ll ask. :)
THANK YOU, THANK YOU in advance!  It means a lot to me.

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Next up:’s Red Carpet Party and Entertainment Festival

17 July 2010 Categories: Blog, Details Event Management

For the 2010 Mom Entrepreneur of the Year event, I was contacted by Gena Tomlinson of about being an in-kind sponsor and advertising the event on her various websites.  Gena is the director of operations for the Valley’s websites.

When I got her email, I was ecstatic.  I was honored that she wanted to donate a pretty substantial advertising package to my first-time event.  And she wanted to enter the contest and sponsor it again in 2011.  What a great partner to have.  And funny thing is, I haven’t even met her yet.  We’ve spoken numerous times on the phone and immediately hit it off.  That’s what happens when you build solid relationships with others.

So, when her big event rolled out, the upcoming Red Carpet Party and Entertainment Festival at the Phoenix Convention Center on January 14 and 15, 2011, I was honored and super excited to receive a call from her asking if I could assist her with her big event.   I of course said yes!   How fun!

I start my portion of the event, the marketing and PR, this August through January 2011.  Our first meeting?  With the Phoenix Convention Center to sort out all the details and taste the yummy food.  Gena and I call it our “diva day.”  I just love my job!

See more details at  Proceeds for the event go toward The Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Arizona.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Arizona will receive 3% of booth sales and 15.3 % of ticket sales.

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Have we reached the non-committal stages?

02 July 2010 Categories: Blog, Details Event Management

As an event planner, what’s the one thing that drives you crazy?  Well, not even as an event planner, but as a host of an event whether big or small?  For me, it’s the people that can’t commit.  Not so much those that just can’t make it and have told me or didn’t bother to respond to the invite, but those that say “Yes, I’ll be there,” but don’t show, don’t call, nothing.

I understand things come up when you least expect it, but in retrospect and especially when you know the person hosting the event or even if you don’t but you’ve rsvp’d, isn’t calling and “excusing” yourself the right thing to do?  Or, if you weren’t able to do it the day of the event, contacting the host the next day or soon after to let them know something came up and you couldn’t attend?

Just venting here because I know many more of you feel this same way.

I plan several events each year, mostly monthly meet-ups, and I’m always amazed at the lack of commitment displayed by people who just registered the day before, or even the day of that don’t show.  And what’s funny is I always confirm the day before or send a reminder or two, so you know they know.

Is it too much to ask for an actual head count and be able to depend on you to be there if you say you will?  Or to at least get a courtesy call beforehand if you can’t?  There is nothing worse than booking a table for 20 because that’s who has rsvp’d and having 10 show.  Just looks bad.  And as the host, all you can say is “Well, we hoped for more.  Had more register, but ya know, things happen.”  Always the answer.

Who else feels this way?  Have we gotten so busy that a simple phone call or an email is just too much when our plans change???  I have to assume so.  Do I physically need to start picking people up by Greyhound bus and drive them to the event so I know they will be there?  I’m joking of course.  Or maybe…

I know we’re all busy people, but plain and simple if you commit to doing something, please commit.  People are depending on you to show.  And if your plans change, there’s nothing wrong with that, but do what’s right.  Make the call.  You’ll feel much better than if you hadn’t and the host can stop wondering where the heck you are.

If you feel the same way, would love your two cents.  And if you think I need to officially get off my high horse, tell me.  Trust me.  No offense taken.  Just speaking my mind.

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The Mompreneur of the Year Event Is Almost Here!

06 April 2010 Categories: Blog, Details Event Management

It finally dawned on me today that the Mompreneur of the Year event I’ve been planning since last November is less than two weeks away! It’s insane how time flies when your mind’s on complete and total overload.

I’m happy to say though that for the first event, I couldn’t be happier with the results. When I first started planning, I thought “if I can only get to 50 exhibitors, I’ll be happy.” Well, you could say we topped that. We have over 60 exhibitors signed up and more signing up this week! The local business community is really coming out and supporting this event, and better yet, planning on sticking with it next year, too! I can only imagine how much “bigger” this is going to be two, three, or four years down the road. Love that everyone is so excited and supportive of my new adventure.

If you haven’t yet purchased a ticket to the expo or the dinner, I highly recommend you do! The expo includes our 60+ exhibitors anxious to meet you, unique Mother’s Day gift ideas for mom…or you :), two amazing guest speakers, performances from local musical theaters, dance troops, karate and gymnastics teams, and over 60 raffle prizes – some valued at $375. Men and children welcome to attend, too.

The dinner (adults only) includes a complimentary cocktail courtesy of the Wine Shop in Paradise Valley, passed hors d’ oeuvres, gift bag, presentation by original mompreneur Ellen Parlapiano, founder of, my book When the Universe Throws a Curve Ball to the first 100 paid registrants, and you get to experience the highlight of the evening as I announce this year’s Mompreneur of the Year! If you haven’t already voted, cast your vote on for your fav until April 14.

Tickets may be purchased at Please note, dinner ticket price will increase after April 10.

Going to be one amazing event!  Hope to see you there!

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